What do you mean by “small” pension schemes?
Schemes with £50 million worth of assets or less (this is a rough indication rather than a firm rule). 

Can you deal with larger pension schemes?
Yes.  We are happy to advise larger schemes.  We have advised billion pound plus schemes in the past.  In particular, larger schemes with limited resources (either time or money) will find our approach attractive.

Most consultancies start with small clients but aim to get bigger clients in the future. Will you be the same?
No.  We prefer working with small schemes. We plan to grow by working with more schemes rather than larger schemes.

Why do you prefer small clients?
Many investment consultants see working with larger schemes as more glamorous.  They aspire to work on more complex and more detailed solutions.  We don’t.  A solution that gives a 0.01% improvement to a £1bn scheme produces £100,000 of benefit.  That would be a worthwhile exercise for the scheme, but it wouldn’t make a substantial difference to its members and we would find it hard to get excited about it.  We prefer making a noticeable difference to members, even if there are fewer of them.  Working with small schemes means that we spend most of our time on significant issues.

Do you advise sponsoring companies?
Yes we do.  We find that size of scheme is less relevant for sponsoring companies and that they tend to require one-off reviews of the main strategic issues rather than ongoing consultancy.  This lends itself to our style of working.

What pension schemes do you advise on?
We can advise you on:

  • Defined benefit (DB) schemes, where pensions and benefits paid to members are directly related to specified criteria such as the length of service and salary at retirement.  The most common examples are final salary schemes and career average revalued earnings schemes.
  • Defined contribution (DC) schemes, where each member accumulates their own assets with which to purchase benefits on retirement (often called money purchase schemes).

Why is there free advice on this website?
Do not be alarmed by this apparent act of altruism.  We hope that our no-nonsense approach to investments will appeal to trustees such as you, and that you will consider us when you need scheme-specific investment work.  However, feel free to browse the site even if you have no intention of ever using us.  You will be under no obligation.